It's some raw, progressive and unapologetic shit. The fusion of raspy guitars, smooth vocals, and an infectious folk melody is a thing of beauty.”

— Santa Rosa Records

Old school singer-songwriter who delivers melodies and lyrics that are full of honesty and stories that are easy to imagine and breath in, connecting with something deep. ”

— Wolf in a Suit

Stocksdale has an uncanny way with phrasing, making every note as exciting as the last.”

— HITS in the Sticks

It’s an excellent style of singer songwriter music, expressing deep personal emotions and allowing the song itself to emit the feelings. I really admire this style and this is a great example of how it’s done.”

— Ear to the Ground


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When I lived in Hollywood in the mid 2000s, studying music and struggling as a songwriter, it seemed like everyone I met had written something about the city. Hollywood is a strange place to live. It’s an odd mix of tourists, movie stars, homeless people, struggling actors, and musicians just hoping to get a gig. It’s a bit like Disneyland…everything is fake except the people who work there, and they’re just trying to make a buck. Despite its shortcomings, I’m proud to have called Hollywood my home. The…

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The Old Band

After a 14 year hiatus, my old band, Three Minute Mile, has released a new album and are playing three shows in Chicago at the end of August!

Loose Ends is a collection of songs written in the early 2000s but never officially released. The first two tracks, "In Your Mind" and "Dear America," were produced July 2017 in my home studio via email, dropbox, and a little bit of magic. "Bad Time For Love" was produced by Marc Nelson of The Alley Recording Company in a snow covered cabin in 2003…

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Adrian - Official Music Video

Forty years in the making, "Adrian" is a song inspired by the incredible 1976 film, Rocky. This official video stars the one and only Greg Blum. We had a ton of fun shooting it, and I hope you'll enjoy watching and listening as much as we do! Please pass it along to your friends. Then go download or stream the new album, Until the Oceans Rise, Vol. 1. Thanks for watching!

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Only a Song - LYRIC VIDEO

“Only a Song” is a protest. It’s a political warning. It’s sung from the perspective of a father speaking to his young son before bed. His son doesn’t know it, but grown ups of the world battle political lies, gun control, immigration, war, and countless other very real issues every day. He doesn’t want his child to bear the weight of today’s problems. His hope is that by the time his son is old enough to understand all of these issues, they’re only a song.

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Until the Oceans Rise is filled with music from my soul. Lifelong love songs to rebellious rock tunes, political sagas and soundtracks for bedrooms. It’s a journey that encapsulates my life, my past, and my hopes for the future. Raw, unapologetic, and sung from the heart, it’s what I think folk music should be. The songs are the best I’ve ever written presented in the most human way I could conjure. It’s not a perfect album, but it’s not supposed to be. Take some time with it. Let it sink in, and soon…

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