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  1. No One Like Me

From the recording The Hill


She walks up slowly like she knows me, but passes by without a smile. Maybe someday she'll get to know me, and we could end this denial before it's begun. She fooled everyone to think she don't need no one like me.
I stand there silently in good company, but listening only for her. Maybe someday I'll let the secret out, but I just can't find the words for things that we've done. I fooled everyone to think I don't need no one like her
I don't need no one to tell me what's right. I just need some love on a saturday night. I don't need no one but her to feel fine. Is that such a crime?
An open doorway, she walks in slowly. There's two young souls in an empty bar. A cup of coffee, she's let down easy, but she runs out cryin' so hard. Some day she'll see. I have to agree. She don't need no one like me.