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  1. Down The Road

From the recording The Hill


The camera men weren't filming, but the movie still played on. Jack was dressed in jester's clothes, and Susan sang along. But me I was not smiling, though I really thought I should. 'Cause all the girls I wish I knew had shown me all they could. The night turned into day, we stepped into the cold, and two old friends drove down the road.
The future is upon us, but no one told the man even if you're dying not to shout it if you can. But me I tried to notice something other than his whim. I focused on my pancakes, but my mind belonged to him. That morning lingered on, afraid of growing old, two old friends drove down the road.
The cattle couldn't cut it, and the monkey told them so. But none of them had noticed he doesn't get to go. Me I stepped aside, just to let them have their way. Even though I's last in line, I's also last to stay. We boarded on that plane, our stories never told, and two old friends drove down the road
Even though she's lonley, wearing sweaters on her thighs. Elizabeth still waits for me to fall out of the sky. And me I wear that dunce cap in the corner of her room. Though gravity will pull me down I'm climbing to my doom.
And the music starts to fade as winter days grow cold. The music we once played it has been lost among the bold. As all begin to age we hide what we once showed. And the cards we used to bluff, they've all begun to fold.
The exit sign's in spanish, and he wonders why she cares. That girl who works for mickey mouse has questioned his despair. And me I like to watch them as the camera man I am. Someone I've never met before can be a long lost friend. My train it rolls along, my plane it takes me home, and two old friends, two old friends, I said two old friends drove down the road.